Introducing ourselves

Iacopo and Jennifer will be delighted to welcome you.

We are a  couple thanks to our families' help has been able to carry out the management of our splendid land house and thus since 2007. We studied architecture at the University in Florence and we decided that life in town was too strait for us and that we would rather prefer to live in the open air on a countryside. Hence our choice to take over Serraiola Alta management with passion and love, a place where to breathe energy and peace.

In those  years we have been aware on our guests' advices in order to propone always best comfort and, in between many guests became our friends. Nothing greater a joy when being able to realize a project we were speaking and dreaming about together with our friends the season before.

We produce olive oil, vegetables and herbs medicinal such as lavender and rosemary. You can buy and taste our products

The histrory of serraiola alta


Two friends , Gaetano , a sicilian housebuilder in San Vincenzo and , Walter , a tuscan agent in Venturina , decided to buy some interesting piece of land for building houses . They came across an auction of a whole forest in Monterotondo Marittimo , in Tuscany, in the county of Grosseto. It was a huge propriety which had belonged to an important family some centuries ago and which had extended formerly from Massa Marittima to Monterotondo . The whole inheritance had been shared among a lot of heirs who lost everything very quickly by gambling and debaucheries. The propriety came back to the mountain community, i.e. to the government which little by little began to sell it , everytime parcelling out in different pieces. Gaetano and Walter set up for work after having bought a great area. When they went to the place for the first time they didn’t notice any ruin of which they had been told when buying the forest. Nobody could have shown them the place of that famous ruin ! The whole wood was but a broussailles which had to be defrichee in order to come up to the top of the hill. Century old trees and groves had had time to grow and cover what could have been a house or some sheep shelter ? The second time both our friends came up by a beautiful sunset . Something was glittering in the sunshine. They came nearer and finally saw the ruin. Willing both friends endeavoured to get rebuilding licences, consulting architects and specialists in old factory restoration. An efficient team guided by Gaetano and his nephew Renato brought the farm into what you may see today. It was a very hard work realized within one year only. In 2002 Serraiola Alta was opening with 13 comfortable flats and swimming-pool the management was carried out at first by Walter’s sons . Since 2007 Jennifer, Gaetano’s daughter and Iacopo, Gisèle’s son are pleased to welcome their guests in Serraiola Alta , keen on looking forward to propone the best they can.

Cosmetici 100% naturali di nostra produzione

La Toscana sulla tua pelle !

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a shrub known since ancient times for its cosmetic and therapeutic properties. Its characteristics are linked to bioactive compounds such as Rosmarinus acid, camphor, caffeic acid, ursolic acid, botulinic acid, carnosol, cineole and other phytochemicals. It has numerous volatile oils, phenolic acids, and flavonoids: antiseptic and anti-inflammatory substances. Rosmarinus acid has the ability to inhibit free radicals responsible for cell oxidation, or aging. With rosemary you can make many useful products for body care: from the beauty of the hair to the care of oily skin to water retention. Rosemary in cosmetics is considered the antagonist of cellulite, due to its stimulating and toning properties. In addition, it has diuretic properties but not only. This shrub is an excellent skin tonic, exerts a stimulated action on the body and is useful in conditions of physical and emotional fatigue.

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Rosemery hydrolate

A natural product without preservatives or alcohol

It is extracted, together with the essential oil, by steam distillation of the twigs with the leaves and flowers, in the balsamic period.

Ingredients: only Rosmarinus Officialinali leaf water.

INDICATION and USES: 1 -DETERGENT / TONIC It is used on the skin for its astringent and purifying properties, even in case of acne. Acts as a revitalizer on tired skin. 2 - FOR THE HAIR fights excess sebum and dandruff, to be gently massaged into the scalp and dry hair. Sprayed on the hair after shampooing it makes it shinier. 3 - TIRED LEGS: it is useful in case of tired legs to sprinkle the hydrosol of rosemary, massaging gently from the bottom up. In the summer, you can keep the bottle of hydrolat in the refrigerator, it will give more relief to even hot legs. 4 - FUMES: In case of colds or flu, to free the respiratory tract, it can be added to the hot water. 5 - MEMORY-CONCENTRATION: to stimulate concentration and memory, spray a little in the palm of your hands and inhale it, it can also be sprayed directly into rooms or used in essence burners and aroma diffusers instead of water.

50 ml €10


Shower shapoo

Balsamic herbaceous notes with a refreshing effect, it is a natural cleanser suitable for the whole family even for daily use. Indicated for oily hair and stressed skin, with purifying and anti-itch properties, Natural remedy against hair loss, thanks to its stimulating action on the hair follicles.

200 ml €12


Rosemary soap

Balsamic herbaceous notes with a refreshing effect, it is a natural cleanser suitable for the whole family even for daily use. Indicated for oily skin and stressed skin, with purifying and anti-itch properties.

100 gr €8


Body cream

Purifying and Anti-Imperfection anhydrous cream, moisturizes, purifying the skin and attenuating imperfections with a light, enveloping and rapidly absorbed texture. It gives the skin of the whole-body deep hydration, stimulating cell renewal. It can be used on all skin types as an initial treatment or as a daily pampering. Rosemary essential oil is analgesic, relieves joint and muscle pain, has a general energizing and toning action. Stimulant of peripheral circulation.

50 ml €30